Photo Stories

Thailand's Marine Protected Areas
Several decades of intensive exploitation of the rich two seas have taken a heavy toll on the marine and coastal zones of Thailand, resulting in major degradation of ecosystems and disastrous declines of natural resources. However, there seems to be a growing glimpse of hope with the recent revision and reform of management measures that are being implemented in the Marine Protected Areas, which could be the beginning of recovery and sustainable usage of Thai waters at last.
Pakbara: At Crossroad
With the national level plan to construct a large-scale deepwater port at the sleepy fishing town in the southern-most tip of the Andaman coast of Thailand. The productive marine ecosystems of the sea of Satun and traditional livelihood of the coastal communities could be only a history
Thailand's Andaman Sea: Fragile Future
Nourished by two major currents of the Indian Ocean, the Andaman Sea of Thailand boast an impressive biological abundance and diversity of natural resources. But these soon may change with the current rate exploitation, as the fish stocks decline, while the coastal ecosystems degrade, the fate of this water is hanging on a thin thread.
Mergui: the Lost Archipelago


After the dissolve of the military junta, scientists finally get a glimpse into the restricted territory on the biodiversity, and livelihood of the people in the archipelago.