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Cheaper than Pork: Crocodile Meat Gains Demand

A worker marinates fresh skinned crocodile to be spit roasted for serving to visitors at Malai Farm, an animal farm and learning center on livestocks.

Crocodiles rest inside a concrete pond, while being raised for meat and skin.

Baby crocodiles are seen being handled by an educator.

Baby crocodiles are being raised and displayed inside a small enclosure.

Crocodiles enter the water inside a concrete pond, while being raised for meat and skin.

Various parts of meat from Crocodile are seen inside a freezer at a restaurant.

Taxidermy mounted Crocodiles (Crocodylus sp.) are displayed inside a crocodile restaurant.

Cook flips skewered crocodile meat on a grill at a crocodile restaurant.

A skinned crocodile is seen being spit roasted before giving away to visitors for tasting.

Visitors gather to see a spit roasted crocodile.

A child eats the meat from a spit roasted crocodile.

Crocodile skulls displayed inside a souvenir shop.

Thailand is among the top crocodile producers in the world with an estimate of 700,000 crocodiles being raised in farm as reported by Bangkok Post. Traditionally the crocodiles were raised mainly for skins, while meat is consumed by a niche market. However, interest in crocodile meat as an alternative source of protein in Thailand is growing due to the soaring price of pork from stock shortages from the AFS (African Swine Fever) outbreaks.

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