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2020 Thai Protest: Youth Uprising

Protesters gather in the rain in front of the Royal Thai Police Headquarter in downtown, demanding for the release of youth political activists.

A university student with face paint tapes her mouth shut with duct tape as a symbolic gesture to protest the government's approach to silence political activists.

Thousands of anti-government protesters march on the streets of Bangkok.

A mannequin with portrait of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha is seen inside a coffin, while a protesters give flowers as a mock funeral gesture during an anti-government protest.

A mannequin is seen hanged under a tamarind tree by anti-government protesters to call for justice for the students who were killed during Thammasat University Massacre on 6 October 1976.

Thai flag are brandished by royalists during a gathering at the Grand Palace.

Riot police form shield wall, while teargas laced water are sprayed by water cannon truck toward student protesters during a protest in downtown.

Anti-government protesters attempt to remove razor wire while being sprayed with teargas laced water from water cannon truck during a gathering near the Grand Palace.

Protesters clash with riot police during an anti-government march in downtown.

A street vendor reacts, while anti-government protesters giving three-fingers salute during one of the flash mob events that occur simultaneously at various locations in Bangkok.

Protesters dance to the music during an anti-government march led by the LGBTQ+ community on the street in downtown of Bangkok.

Thousands of anti-government protesters give the three-fingers salute while occupying Ratchaprasong Intersection in downtown of Bangkok.

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