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Thepha: Before the Fishing Town Disappear

A fisherman uses push nets to catch krill near the river mouth at sunrise.

Various seafood products are seen displayed at a roadside stall in the market of Thepha district.

Salted Threadfins, a local delicacy caught from the waters around Thepha district are seen being cured inside a drying room,

Vibrant whip corals and school of Bigeye snappers thrive in the murky green water that are rich in nutrients.

A local fisher grabs a Barramundi by hand, while fishing inside the mangrove forest of Thepha.

Scenery of the mangrove tunnel in the estuary area of Thepha.

An artisanal fishing boat travels along the canal in the mangrove forest of Thepha district.

Pacific reef heron flies over the canopy of the mangrove forest.

Aerial scenery of a river mouth in Thepha district that is located near the proposed development zone for industrial complex.

Sign against the coal power plant from local activists are seen hanged on a house at a small village.

A local activists walk along the beach that is located within the proposed zone for the development of industrial complex.

A local fishing boat is seen off the shore under an incoming storm.

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