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The shark ray is vanishing from our oceans—and being made into jewelry

An overlooked online trade for bracelets and rings made from the bowmouth guitarfish is increasing pressure on the critically endangered animal

National Geographic
Thai fishermen and restaurants team up for sustainability
Fueled by a growing sense of eco-responsibility, demand for fish that are not caught by industrial techniques are on the rise.

National Geographic
The COVID outbreak and a culture of volunteerism in Thailand

Thailand is now at more than 2.1 million COVID-19 cases and 21,000 deaths during the 3rd wave of the outbreak where the Delta variant wrecks havoc in the capital. Those in need rely on volunteers to fill voids in the response efforts.

National Geographic
The Ray the World Forgot: Wedgefish Under Threat
The story of wedgefishes is one of the belated revelations. Almost before any real light has been shone on these species, we have realised that their populations have plummeted and that they face significant threats.

Save Our Seas Magazine
Thailand's Marine Protected Areas
Several decades of intensive exploitation of the rich two seas have taken a heavy toll on the marine and coastal zones of Thailand, resulting in major degradation of ecosystems and disastrous declines of natural resources. However, there seems to be a growing glimpse of hope with the recent revision and reform of management measures that are being implemented in the Marine Protected Areas, which could be the beginning of recovery and sustainable usage of Thai waters at last.

National Geographic Magazine (Thai Edition)
Pakbara: Dilemma of a Sleepy Shore
With the national level plan to construct a large-scale deepwater port at the sleepy fishing town in the southern-most tip of the Andaman coast of Thailand. The productive marine ecosystems of the sea of Satun and traditional livelihood of the coastal communities could be only a history.
National Geographic Magazine (Thai Edition)
Bimini: Islands in the Stream
Bimini was the inspiration for Ernest Hemingway's famous novels, The Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Stream. When he lived here in the late 1930's, the islands were the domain of big game fishermen and other adventurous souls who wanted to be close to nature. Seventy years on, Bimini is moving in a very different direction.

Save Our Seas Magazine
Thailand's Andaman Sea: Fragile Future
Nourished by two major currents of the Indian Ocean, the Andaman Sea of Thailand boast an impressive biological abundance and diversity of natural resources. But these soon may change with the current rate exploitation, as the fish stocks decline, while the coastal ecosystems degrade, the fate of this water is hanging on a thin thread.

National Geographic Magazine (Thai Edition)
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