Sirachai (Shin) Arunrugstichai (b. 1987) is a Thai conservation photographer, specialising in marine conservation issues. Shin originally picked up photography to document marine biodiversity, while working as a field biologist. However, after realising the power of photography for communicating serious conservation issues with the public, Sirachai later shifted his career path toward photojournalism in 2015.
Currently, Shin is a freelance photographer for National Geographic Magazine (Thai edition), starting with his work on the plight of sharks in Thai waters in 2016. He later covered three additional stories for the magazine, the degradation of the Andaman sea in 2016, the development of a large-scale deepwater port in Southern Thailand in 2017, and the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of Thailand in 2018. As freelancer, he has also been working on assignment with several conservation organizations, including IUCN Asia, Save Our Seas Foundation, WildAid and more, while some of his works have been published in National Geographic, the Washington Post, the Guardian and BBC Earth.

      He has received a number of awards in major international competitions and gave a talk for TEDx Bangkok in 2017 on the topic of conservation photography. Since 2017, Shin has joined the International League of Conservation Photographers as an Emerging League Photographer and has also been selected as one of the six talents from Southeast Asia and Oceania region of the 6x6 Global Talent Program by World Press Photo Foundation. 
In 2019, Shin has been selected as one of the PDN’s 30 New and Emerging Photographers to Watch by Photo District News and received the Early Career Explorer Grant from National Geographic Society.


      Although his focus is in photojournalism, he is still active within the scientific community, working on conservation biology of sharks in Thailand and he is willing to assist on any shark researches or conservation projects in the Andaman Sea region.

      Shin is currently based in Bangkok, so without going out in the field to cover conservation stories, he does not know much what to do with his life in the big city.



Master of Science: Ecology: Prince of Songkla University

Bachelor of Science: Environment (Ecology): Mahidol University International College





International League of Conservation Photographers

Ocean Artists Society

Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Nikon Professional Service

Notable Clients


National Geographic (Thai Edition) 


IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

Mangrove for the Future

WildAid Thailand

Greenpeace Southeast Asia


Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (Thailand)

Oxfam (Thailand)

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Global Ghost Gear Initiative


Love Wildlife Foundation


Freeland Foundation


Fin Free


New Heaven Reef Conservation Program



2020 : United Nation World Oceans Day: Winner / Clean Our Ocean

2020 : United Nation World Oceans Day: 3rd Place / Human Interaction


2020 : Pictures of the Year International: Award of Excellence / Science & Natural Histories (Single)

2019 : Fourth IUCN Red List of Ecosystems Photo Contest: Finalist (Single)

2019 : Fourth IUCN Red List of Ecosystems Photo Contest: Finalist (Photo Series)

2019 : MontPhoto International Nature Photography Contest: Honour / Environmental Report

2019 : Dive Photo Guide SharkCon Photo Competition: Bronze / Shark Behaviour


2019 : Dive Photo Guide SharkCon Photo Competition: Finalist / Shark Portrait

2019 : Sustainable Ocean and Forest Photo Competition: First Runner Up / Seascape, Forest, Conservation

2019 : Thailand Dive Expo Photo Photography Competition: Winner / Marine Conservation

2019 : Underwater Photographers of the Year: Highly Commended / Marine Conservation

2018 : United Nation World Oceans Day: Third Prize Winner / Above Water Landscape

2018 : National Geographic (Thailand): 2018 Thai Explorer Award

2018 : Thailand Dive Expo Photo Competition: Second Runner Up / Open Wide Angle


2017 : Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition: Finalist / Human/Nature

2017 : Thailand Dive Expo Photo Competition: Second Runner Up / Open Wide Angle

2016 : International Union for Conservation of Nature Ocean Photographer of the Year : Special Mention


2016 : Big Picture Natural World Photography Competition: Finalist / Human/Nature


2016 : Save Our Seas Foundation: Marine Conservation Photography Grant Winner 

2015 : Thailand Dive Expo Photo Competition: Commendatory Award / DSLR

2014 : 4th Marine Science Conference: Grand Prize / Behaviour & Biodiversity

2014 : 4th Marine Science Conference: Popular Vote / Behaviour & Biodiversity

2014 : 4th Marine Science Conference: 1st Runner Up / Macro

2014 : 4th Marine Science Conference: Popular Vote / Macro

2014 : United Nation World Oceans Day: Finalist / Underwater Life

2013 : National Geographic Thailand: Finalist / 10 Photos Storytelling

2013 : OCEANS 2013: Finalist / Resources Harvest

2013 : OCEANS 2013: Finalist / Fauna and Flora

2013 : La Mer Love the Sea Competition: Grand Prize Winner

2013 : Koh Tao Photo Contest: Grand Prize Winner / Landscape

2013 : Thailand Dive Expo Photo Competition  Grand Prize Winner / Compact Camera

2013 : iThink Wildlife Photo Competition: First Runner Up

2012 : Department of National Park Wildlife and Plant Conservation National Photo Competition: Honourable Mention / Open Competition

2012 : Love Wildlife Photography Competition: Honourable Mention / Marine Life

2012 : Koh Tao Photo Competition: Grand Prize Winner / Underwater


2017 : Sights of the Seas / with ORIS at Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand

2017 : Yum Talay / with Love Wildlife Foundation at Sirikit National Convention Hall, Bangkok, Thailand

2017 : Arts for the Oceans / with Greenpeace at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand

2016 : Finalist / in Big Picture 2016 at California Academy of Science, California, USA

2015 : Save Koh Tao Festival / with Save Koh Tao Communitiy Group, Suratthani, Thailand

2014 : Marine Conference Photo Contest at Prince of Songkla University, Songkhla, Thailand

2012 : Love Wildlife Photography Exhibition at Foreign Correspondents Club Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand.

2012 : The Elephant / with Taejai at the SYNC, Bangkok, Thailand

Scientific Publications

Arunrugstichai, S., True, J. D., & White, W. T. (2018). Catch composition and aspects of the biology of sharks caught by Thai commercial fisheries in the Andaman Sea. Journal of Fish Biology 92, 1487-1504. https://doi.org/10.1111/jfb.13605

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Chen, X., Xiang, D., Arunrugstichai, S., Cai, L., & Xu, Y. (2014). Complete mitochondrial genome of the mangrove whipray Himantura granulata (Myliobatiformes: Dasyatidae). Mitochondrial DNA 27, 1-2.