Thailand's Marine Protected Areas: The Last Hope of Thai Seas

With the heavy reliance on the rich resources of the surrounding two seas, the marine and coastal ecosystems of Thailand have been taken heavy tolls as the cost for the economic growth from intensive exploitation. At the present time, there are 24 Thai MPAs with 2 upcoming additions in pending, which still covers only approximate ~6% of the total area of Thai water. Throughout the past few decades, the management of Thai MPAs has been focused in accommodating mass tourisms, which does not exactly serve the purpose intended that is conservation of resources, and unable to prevent continuous degradation throughout the years. In addition, the regulation and enforcement to prevent pressures in such protected area have been severely limited. However, after 30 years of efforts, the management of the Thai MPAs has been recently improved and revised, which may able to aid the recovery of the marine resources that this kingdom is depending on, being the glimpse of hope for sustainable management of this long exploited waters.
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