Short Projects

Beneath the Sea of Puerto Galera


Right off the shore of the famous nightlife hotspot, Puerto Galera showcases the biodiversity of marine life of the Philippines Sea.

Vegetarian Festival


Explosion, Mutilation, and Devotion, unusual religious rituals are performed during the annual Vegetarian Festival, which is celebrated by the Thai Chinese community in Phang-Nga and Phuket to display their faith in their beliefs and traditions.

Waterland, the Sea of Maldives


World-renowned for its white powdery sand and clear turquoise sea, the marine ecosystems of the Maldives boast a remarkable biodiversity and abundance of marine life in the middle of the Indian Ocean, supporting the economy of the nation.

Faces at the Coup: 2014 Coup d'état in Bangkok


Just right before the foreseeable clash between the government supporters, and the anti –government protestors, the Royal Thai Army launched an unexpected Coup d'état in Bangkok to overthrow the government of Yingluck Shinawatra in 2014.

Anilao: Critters of the Muck


Among the vast sandy muck of a little port town of the Phillippines, a large diversity of small marine life can be encountered under the sea of Anilao.